Dec 30, 2022

Welcome To My First Blog Post

Welcome To My First Blog Post

Hi There ๐Ÿ‘‹ย Welcome to my first blog post! I'm very excited to write this post and even more excited to share what I've planned for long time with all of you, but more on that later.

For my first blog, I wanted to let you know more about me, what I do, why I'm starting this blog, and what I'm planning to do with it.

Who Am I?

My name is Reza Qorbani and I'm a Technology Advisor, Chief Technology Officer, Early-stage Investor, and an Entrepreneur by heart.

My passion about technology and especially programming started when I was only 9 years old. I sold my first application at age of 12. I learn many programming languages in the past 30+ years and my passion to learn new languages and technologies never stopped.

What I Do?

I specialize in Advertising Technology and have spent the past decade building Advertising solutions that utilize the latest Big Data, Machine Learning, and Cloud technologies to serve a number of Fortune 500 companies.

I currently have multiple roles and responsibilities:

  • I was the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer for Qualia ID, which was acquired by a private equity firm a couple of years ago and became the technology division of Adstra. Currently, I am serving as CTO and Head of Engineering for Adstra.
  • I am the Founder of a tech company called 01Gravity, which helps founders, entrepreneurs, and companies make the most of the latest technology and optimize their infrastructure.
  • I am the Co-Founder of a boutique web agency called 01Guru, which offers personalized website, marketing, and advertising services to a wide range of clients, from those who are just starting out with an idea to public companies with tens of thousands of employees.
  • I am currently building a company called Advertising Data, in partnership with Adstra and other leading companies in the advertising ecosystem to provide high-quality data and services to small-to-mid size companies.
  • I occasionally assist investors and venture capital firms in evaluating technology investment opportunities, and in some cases, I also become an early-stage investor in seed or bridge funding.

Why I Start Blogging?

I have been fortunate enough to have an interesting journey in my life that has given me access to knowledge that is difficult to come by. Blogging allows me to not only share my experiences and what I have learned, but also to express my thoughts and ideas, connect with others, and contribute to the online community.

What I'm Planning to Do?

I'm planning to blog about a wide range of topics. This means that my blog will likely cover a variety of subjects and themes. This diversity is something that I am excited about, as it will allow me to explore and write about a range of interests and passions.

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